2012 A-Line Bob Haircuts and Tips

2012 A-line bob haircutsOne of the most popular trends and innovations in bob cuts is the A-line bob. It is basically a long graduated bob haircut. Traditionally, this haircut is supposes to resemble the shape of letter A, with fringe as a crossbar and hair on both sides shaping the pillars, however nowadays fringe is no longer mandatory and this haircut is more often seen with longer bangs. The main characteristics of this hairstyle are long hair in the front, angled back to shape the short hair in the back of the head. The length of the hair in the front vary between chin cut and shoulder length. The hair in the back can be cut near the nape of the neck or in a super short, crew cut style.

A-line bob haircut needs a very clean cut. When you divide front and side sections, all partings between the sections need to be precise and even on both sides of the head. Your haircut styling should start from the hair in the back of the head. Cut it section by section, starting from the bottom. The line in the back is not straight, though, but it prepares the ground for graduated style on the sides, so hair in the back sections are shorter in the middle of the section and a little longer on both sides.

When you go to a hairstylist remember to tell him on which side of the head you usually wear your parting. It is extremely important if you want to have asymmetrical bangs once you decide for a partying you have to stick to it, otherwise you will have troubles with styling your haircut. Obviously you won’t be able to have exactly the same parting everyday, sometimes you will make it a little to the left or right. That’s why, if possible, ask your hairdresser to make a zigzag parting while cutting and styling your hair, to be sure that if your parting is a little to the left or right the hairstyle will still hold its shape.

Famous celebrities sporting this hairstyle are Victoria Beckham, the queen of bob cuts and Linda Evangelista. Rihanna in her.Umbrella, video wears beautiful asymmetric A-line bob haircuts.


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